Takeaway & Delivery Menu

A selection of dishes from our sharing Tapas Style Menu

With a few added additions

We Accept Card & Exact Cash Payments

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Snacks/ Small Plates

Bristol Loaf Sourdough
With Crack Butter & Roasted Yeast

English Aspragus
Kimchi/ Wild Garlic Vinegar Mayo

Nori Crackers
With Guacamole/ Wasabi/ Chilli/ Crispy Shallot

Pickled Fried Chicken
Leek & Onion/ Whookey Hole Cheddar Fondue

Truffled Rarebit Toastie
Welsh Rarebit on Bristol Loaf Sourdough Bread with Pickled Onion


Umami Braised ShortRib
Garlic Sprouts/ Shallot/Choi Sum

Charred Haddock
Dashi/ Spring Onion/ Asparagus/ Lemon

Baba Ghanoush, Chickpea & Freekeh Cabbage Parcels Hasselback Courgette/ Brazil Nuts £15.50 (Vegan) (Nuts/ Sulphites/ Gluten)

Organic Grass Fed Beef Burger
26 Day Aged Grass Fed Beef Pate/ Cheese/ Pickles/ Lettuce/ Tomato/ Ketchup/ Mustard/ Mayo
£10.50 Add Chips £2

Pickled Fried Chicken Burger
Pickled Fried Chicken Thigh/ Cheese/ Pickles/ Lettuce/ Tomato/ Ketchup/ Mustard/ Mayo
£9.50 Add Chips £2

Veggie Burger Baba Ghanoush, Chickpea & Freekeh Cabbage Parcels
Cheese/ Pickles/ Lettuce/ Tomato/ Ketchup/ Mustard/ Mayo
£8 Add Chips £2


Caramac Mousse

Caramel Chocolate Mousse, Served With Clementine & Candied Amaranth £6

Panna Cottas

Hibiscus/ Pomegranate/ Basil Jelly/ Granola


Vegan Sticky Toffee Pudding

Coconut Caramel/ Cornflake Milk Ice Cream £6

Drinks Menu

Hot Drinks:

Espresso   £1.50                                   

Americano   £2.50                                

Latte   £2.75                                  

Cappuccino   £2.50                               

Flat White   £2.75                                 

Hot Chocolate   £3

Loose Leaf Tea £2.75

English Breakfast – An intense morning tea with lots of Assam. 

Earl Grey – Darjeeling tea with Bergamot flowers.                        

Chai – Black Ceylon with Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves, Red Peppercorns, Cardamom. 

Lemon-balm – a variety of mint with fragrances of lemon.            

Mate ‘Tea’ – a traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink 

Nettle Tea – A grassy infusion reminiscent of some green teas. 

Mao Feng Green Tea – a light and pure green tea.                   

Chamomile Flowers – whole chamomile flowers. 

Peppermint – dried peppermint leaves. 

Rooibos – Twigs and Leaves of the Rooibos Bush

Hibiscus & Berry – Elderberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Chokeberry Apple & Hibiscus. 

Lemon & Ginger – Lemon, ginger, licorice root, elderflower, fennel seed, lemon verbena, turmeric & manuka honey.           

We have soya, oat and almond milk too.


White                                                         Bottle

Bona Vita – Pinot Grigio                            £ 20

Western Cape, South Africa, 12%

Crisp, fresh and citrusy. Delightfully light and elegant.

Tierra – Chardonnay                               £ 25

Valle Central, Chile, 13%

A fruity & round Chardonnay. Crisp apples,  peaches & elderflower

Tierra – Sauvignon Blanc                           £ 25

Valle Central, Chile, 12.5%

A fresh, zingy Sauvignon Blanc with strong citrusy flavours


Marques de Morano – Tempranillo                £25

Rioja, Spain, 12.5%

A soft velvety wine with fig & strawberry notes, with a touch of spice.


Portugal – Castelão/Camarate/Cab Sauv     £ 25

Lisboa, Portugal, 12.5%            

A dry pale rose with intense aromas & persistent flavours of red berries.

Bottles & Cans

Pacifico Clara – Pilsner Lager. 355ml   4.5%   £4.5

Lost and Grounded – Hop-handed Fallacy, Check Ignition, Starlite Drive-In, Saison D’Avon   500ml     £5

Butcombe – Session Bitter. 500ml         4.5%                  £4.5

Maisel’s Weisse – Wheat Beer. 500ml  5.2% £5.5

Maisel’s Weisse – Low Alcohol Wheat Beer 0.5% £5.00

Wild Beer – Dr Todd, sour,  330ml    9.7% £7.5   

Peroni Low Alcohol, 0.5% Pilsner £4.00

Red Stripe – Jamaican Lager, 568ml  4.7%   £4


Orchard Pig  Pink– 500ml   Pink, Sweet 4.5%  £4.50

Thatchers Haze– Cloudy Cider 4.5% £4.00


Strathmore Bottled Still Water -330ml £3

Strathmore Bottled Sparkling Water – 330ml £3

Coca-cola Bottle – 200ml   £1.50

Orchard Pig Apple juice Bottles – 250ml    £3.50

(Ginger & Chilli, Grapefruit & Mint, Apple & Elderflower)

San Pellegrino – 330ml £2.00  (Orange, Lemon, and Grapefruit)

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